MY BEST FRIEND – by Judy Robson

One early summer morning

Just at the break of day –

We sit and watch the morning sun

Come up across the Bay.

The fragrance of the honeysuckle

The new mown hay so sweet –

We walk in quiet contentment

Grass wet beneath our feet.

A buzzard soars up in the sky

A pheasant calls from near –

A rabbit sits so unconcerned

Our steps he doesn’t hear.

A warm breeze stirs the sycamore

A deer, disturbed, looks up –

We’ve shared so many lovely things

Since you were just a pup.

You shared my life, my ups and downs

My hopes and all my fears –

And now you’re gone and I’m alone

I’ve shed so many tears.

I couldn’t bear to see your pain

When your life was near its end –

I held your paw and stroked your head

Goodbye my dear old friend.

©Judy Robson