They came as a present, this trio, crammed in a pot for future display.

We watched, we watered, wondered and waited.

No signs and no symptoms …a positive negative… for days.

And then, oh my goodness! growth with a vengeance,

An eruption of vibrance, renewal in spurts.

We tied them together, tangled and touching

As they  unmasked a glimpse of their pinkness enclosed.

Florets unfurled,  constellations of symmetry

Swollen and glossy with a deepening hue.

We breathed in the beauty, basked in their bouquet,

Blooms in full flower, a welcome exposed.


They came with a presence,  three magi,

Their secrets unseen and provenance unknown.

Towering and teetering, distributing droplets

With a knockout of scent that made our senses explode.

We smiled and applauded, took photos in focus,

 Unaware at that moment of a fight deep within.

As heady turned heavy, pink slowly reddened,

Stems lost their firmness as leaves buckled and fell.

Their sapforce was draining, gasping and bleeding,

We witnessed a wilting, the target, dismay.


They came in a present, a kindness of giving

that invaded our living of cancelled commitments, no chats with a cuppa,

A mutating mayhem with distance between.

We danced with our shadows, silently singing,

As curtains were closing and schools became screens.

With handshakes a history and freedom in furlough

We trudge through the heather, wondering whether

To stray from the guidelines and throw caution windward.

We look at the threesome, disheartened, dishevelled,

Turmoil in tatters, a heap in its pot.

So, time now for grieving, time for reflecting,

Infinite time to dig out the weeds.

For sure-

Stay home, safe, alert and decide

Compost or Coma?

Next year or not.