Purbeck U3A

Purbeck U3A - 2019 Writing Competition

Pen writing

Poetry - 2nd Place


Rachel's Bungalow by Richard Jacobs

Dedicated to Rachel who really did buy a bungalow at the age of twenty-eight and was teased mercilessly. 

And to my brother Stephen who, if challenged about embellishing an anecdote, is apt to say, “Why spoil a good story with the truth?”

Rachel bought a bungalow.
What's the matter with that?
Maybe she's too young to know
The virtues of house and flat.

Rachel bought a bungalow.
Why is this worth telling?
Wind and rain and hail and snow
Play havoc with a tall dwelling.

Rachel bought a bungalow.
So why the whole furore?
Floors are fast and stairs are slow!
And why spoil a good storey . . .
    . . . with another?



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