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New Members are asked to download and complete an Enrolment & Consent Form below. The Enrolment Joining Fee and other Terms and Conditions of membership are out in the form available for download below.

For existing members the subscription remains at £16.00 per Member and early payment during June / July is appreciated.
The charge for Third Age Matters is £2.50 for five issues. U3A Diaries for 2019 are £3.50 each including postage.

Full payment details are set out in the forms although existing members with on-line banking may pay by BACS without any form filling.
Simply make payment of the appropriate amount to: Purbeck U3A A/C No. 72007648 Sort Code 60-22-45
and notify us by means of a confirmatory email of the total amount and date paid, member(s) names and any other information/feedback you would like relayed to your committee.

Address email to subscribe@purbecku3a.org.uk

Enrolment & Consent FormMembership Renewal Form

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